Yuzawa New Otani hotel offers a choice of room types to suit your needs and wishes. Choose from the traditional Japanese-style rooms with tatami mat flooring and futon bedding, Western-style rooms with comfortable beds, or rooms that feature a combination of both. A number of special rooms are also available for larger groups and even one with it's own private hisui onsen hot spring bath.

Standard Rooms

Japanese style room (10 tatami)

This 10 tatami mat sized Japanese-style room comes with shower booth, two washing basins and toilet.

 Rooms  60 rooms
 Capacity  5 guests
 Size  10 tatami (34m²)
 Facilities  Shower booth & toilet

Western style twin room

These rooms feature twin beds with comfortable ‘Airweave’ bedding (see below). The rooms feature a bath unit and toilet.

 Rooms  6 rooms
 Capacity  2 guests
 Size  Western twin (34m²)
 Facilities  Bath & toilet

Double room type

These rooms have sliding doors to separate into two areas.

 Rooms  4 rooms
 Capacity  8 guests
 Size  10+8 tatami (61m²)
 Facilities  Toilet


Hisui comes complete with it’s own private bath with 100% natural onsen hot spring water. Enjoy taking a soak while enjoying the seasonal scenery from your private bath. The room features Japanese style 15 tatami mats.

 Rooms  1 room
 Capacity  5 guests
 Size  15 tatami (51m²)
 Facilities  Hisui bath & toilet

Barrier-free Cosmos

 Rooms  1 room
 Capacity  5 guests
 Size  10 tatami & twin bed (68m²)
 Facilities  Bath & toilet

Connecting Rooms: Waraku / Hikari / Nagomi

These large rooms can be used for multiple purposes. Three generations can share the same space together for a comfortable family trip or large group. These rooms feature a 24 tatami mat Japanese style area, a Western twin room and a Japanese style 10 tatami mat room. They also feature one bathroom and four toilets.

 Rooms  1 room each
 Capacity  19 guests total
 Size  24 + 10 tatami + twin bed
 Facilities  Bath & 4 toilets

Barrier-free Beniyamazakura

This room features two adjoining Japanese style areas - each 10 tatami mat size - that can be used as one with sliding doors and a private toilet. Hand rails are available in this room. Please use the public onsen baths for bathing.

 Rooms  1 room
 Capacity  10 guests
 Size  15 tatami (51m²)
 Facilities  Toilet

Premium Rooms

There are three Premium Rooms at Yuzawa New Otani, all on the 6th Floor of the hotel. All are Non Smoking.

Premium Japanese Suite

This room features a large comfortable living area complete with sofa and 4K television.

 Rooms  1 room
 Capacity  5 guests
 Size  10 tatami & Living (68m²)
 Facilities  Bath & toilet

Premium Twin

This room has a simple and natural feel and suitable for two guests.

 Rooms  1 room
 Capacity  2 guests
 Size  Western twin (34m²)
 Facilities  Bath & toilet

Japan Experience Room Premier 10

This is a stylish and modern Japanese style room.

 Rooms  1 room
 Capacity  5 guests
 Size  10 tatami (34m²)
 Facilities  Shower booth & toilet

Japanese Suite

 Rooms  1 room
 Capacity  5 guests
 Size  10 tatami + twin bed (68m²)
 Facilities  Bath & toilet

Guest Room facilities and amenities

  • Television

  • Satellite broadcasts

  • Telephone

  • Hot water pot

  • Tea set

  • Refrigerator

  • Dryer

  • Trouser presser*

  • Electric light stand*

  • Iron*

  • Body soap

  • Shampoo

  • Toothbrush set

  • Rinse

  • Bath towel

  • Yukata (cotton kimono)

  • Slippers

  • Safe for personal valuables


Yuzawa New Otani is happy to introduce Airweave mattresses to certain guest rooms at the hotel.

The strong support of body weight allows you to move and roll over as you sleep with ease. With great resilience, the mattress pad responds and smoothly supports you so you can move and roll over easily, allowing you to sleep soundly. Excellent body-pressure dispersion minimizes intensive pressure on the body. With excellent breath ability, the bedding stays clean and cool in summer and warm in winter.


Airweave mattresses can be found in the following room types at Yuzawa New Otani:

  • Western Twin

  • Premium Twin

  • Premium Japanese Suite

  • Japanese Suite