Are there any No Smoking guest rooms in the hotel?

The recently refurbished (December 2015) special room is No Smoking. There are a small number of other No Smoking rooms in the hotel which you can request. In the event that we cannot assign one of those rooms a special deodorant spray will be used.

We are staying as a group, can we have rooms next to each other?

We will try to assign rooms as per any requests, but please note that due to the reservations and available room types on a given day we cannot make any guarantees regarding room assignations.

Are there baths in the guest rooms?

There are shower booths in the 10-tatami Japanese style rooms and unit baths in the Western style rooms. All hotel guests are welcome to use our popular onsen hot spring public baths – they are free to use. Please see our information on Guest Rooms here.

Where is the nearest train station? Is there a welcome bus available to and from the station?

The nearest train station is Echigo Yuzawa Station. The hotel is about 500m from the West Exit of the station. A free welcome shuttle bus runs between the station and the hotel. We also take guests from the hotel to the station - usually on the hour, 20 past the hour and 40 past the hour. The bus does not operate when there are no guests needing to go to the station. Please contact us if you would like a pick up from the station anytime between 8am and 9pm.


How do we get to the ski areas? Are there any buses?

There are free buses to ski resorts available from the bus stop in front of the hotel. There is no direct bus from the hotel to the Naeba and Kagura resorts. You can get a bus for those resorts by first taking the free bus to the station and then using the resort buses.

Is there a free car park at the hotel?

There is a car park just outside the hotel. Please leave your car key with the Front Desk if you are using the car park.


Are there restaurants in the hotel that we can use without having a reservation?

Generally, the restaurants in the hotel are reservations only. However, there are some days when on the day reservations are available. Please ask us for availability. There are a number of bars and restaurants just a few minutes’ walk away from the hotel on the main ‘Onsen Road’ of Yuzawa Town. The ‘Yasuyoshi’ restaurant (3 minutes’ walk) has menus in 5 different languages.

Can you cater for vegetarians or other specially prepared meals?

We are very sorry, but we are unable to provide specially prepared meals.

Are the baths for men and women separate?

Yes, the Mens and Womens bathing areas are separate. The bathing areas are swapped around at specific times during the day which allows you to experience all of our baths. For more information on our bathing areas please read this.

Are there any private bath areas that we can reserve?

Yes, we have a few private baths that you can reserve. More information can be found here.


Is it OK to wear yukata and slippers in public areas inside the hotel?

Yes, you can wear yukata and slippers anywhere within the hotel! Please enjoy experiencing this popular way staying at a hot spring hotel. You can also go outside of the hotel wearing the yukata. Please wrap up warm enough and be careful with icy conditions in winter.

Can I keep my luggage at the hotel before check-in and after check-out?

There are large lockers that can be used for free. (A 100 yen coin is required to use the lockers, but that coin is returnable). If your luggage cannot fit in the lockers or you have any other issues please ask the Front Desk.

The charge appears to be slightly different from at the time of booking?

Please note that people over the age of 13 are required by law to pay a daily ‘bath tax’ of 150yen.

Are there any discount lift tickets for ski resorts?

Yes, discounted lift tickets are available for some of the local ski resorts at the Front Desk. Please note that they are not available for all ski resorts in the region.

Are there any rental ski and snowboard facilities?

During the winter season, a ski and snowboard rental shop is available. Hotel guests are offered special prices for equipment rental. Hotel guests can also use the ski and snowboard lockers in the hotel for their rented equipment at no charge. Please order the use of rental equipment at the Front Desk. Rates may differ depending on your accommodation plan if renting for 2 days or longer. More information here.

Can we use Wi-Fi in the hotel?

There is no Wi-Fi connection available in the guest rooms, but you can connect to Wi-Fi in the Front and Lobby area of the hotel. This service is available to hotel guests 24 hours a day at no charge.


Procedure from arrival at the hotel to checking in

Here's an idea of what you may wish to do from arriving at the hotel to being able to check-in to your guest room:

Reception at the Front Desk

At the Front Desk, go through the procedure for staying, application for any rental items, receipt of ski lift tickets, et

Check in your belongings

Put your belongings in the free locker.Larger items can be left at the Front Desk.

Rental Shop

Hand over the form that you filled out at the Front Desk to the clerk at the rental shop. The shop is open from 8:00am until 6:00pm.


You can receive any express deliveries in advance between 9:00am and 5:30pm.You can also send items by express delivery.


Please use the Mens or Womens changing rooms before 3:00pm. After 3:00pm, please change in the large bath changing rooms.

Store your belongings

Please place your clothes and shoes you changed out of and other belongings.

Change into ski or snowboard boots

You are not allowed to walk inside the hotel in ski boots. After changing into boots, please take the staircase to the parking area.

Go to the ski resort by shuttle bus etc

After returning to the hotel, put your gear in ski locker

Give your room number to the staff at the express delivery counter. They will give you a ski locker key. Opening hours are from 3:00pm until 10:00am.

Take your belongings to the Front Desk

The staff at the Front Desk will give you your room key.