A soak in our traditional Japanese onsen hot springs is an excellent way to recharge and relax. As well as simply feeling great, bathing in an onsen is also said to bring numerous health benefits. The public bathing areas at Yuzawa New Otani include a sauna, a unique hisui stone-tiled ‘super whirlpool bath’ as well as a popular outdoor rotenburo bath. Private reserved baths are also available within the hotel.


A selection of different baths are available within Yuzawa New Otani, including a hisui super whirlpool bath, Japanese style outdoor rotenburo, large public bath and also two private reserved baths.

The hot spring at Yuzawa New Otani is weak alkaline and brings benefits such as muscle pain relief, skin beautifying, recovery from fatigue amongst others.

Rotenburo outdoor bath

Relax in an open-air bath surrounded by natural rocks. Recommended at any time of the year, but especially pleasing during heavy snowfalls in the winter months!


Hisui Super Jacuzzi

A unique bath made from Japanese jade (hisui) stone, said to bring ‘success and prosperity by raising virtue’. With a hot spring effect and power of a whirlpool, be sure to experience this bath during your stay at Yuzawa New Otani.


The Mens and Ladies bathing areas are separate and are switched around every day so that guests are able to enjoy all of the available bathing facilities during their stay.


Hisui is available from 12:30pm until 1:00am
Rotenburo outdoor bath is available from 5:00am until 11:30am


Hisui is available from 5:00am until 11:30am
Rotenburo outdoor bath is available from 12:30pm until 1:00am

Please note that the baths are unavailable between 1:00am-5:00am and 11:30am-12:30pm daily due to cleaning and switching of the bathing areas. Yuzawa New Otani guests can use the above bathing facilities for free during their stay at the hotel.

The sauna by the Hisui super jacuzzi is available from 6:00am until 10:00am and from 3:00pm until 10:00pm.


Reserved private bath facilities

Yuzawa New Otani has two 100% natural onsen hot spring facilities to enjoy in private - they are called Hinoki and Hisui. Please contact the Front Desk if you would like to use them.

Hinoki is available from 6:00am until 9:00pm and from 1:00pm until 10:00pm (last booking taken)
Hisui is available from 3:00pm until 10:00pm

  • Charges are 3,240 yen for 50 minutes.

  • Reservations are required.


For visitors who are not staying at the hotel:

The main public baths can be used by visitors who are not staying at the hotel between 10:30am and 8:00pm. A charge of 1,000 yen per adult and 500 yen per child is required. This charge does not include towels. A bath towel can be used for 200 yen and a face towel for 1000 yen.

Simple onsen hot springs manners and guidelines:

Here are some basic manners and customs related to using onsen hot springs.

  • Wash your body thoroughly and be as clean as possible before entering the public bath water - this is very important!

  • The bath itself is not a place to clean yourself but rather a place to soak and relax.

  • Stools, showers, body soap and shampoo are available.

  • Do not swim in the bath or splash around or put towels in the water.

  • Please note that people with tattoos are not allowed in the public onsen baths.